Feelosophically was born in 2016 from the hands of Pamella Barroso, a designer of Brazilian origin who has lived in Italy for almost ten years. Pamella studied fashion and design at a tailoring school in Turin, where she not only learned to sew and design clothes, but also to conceive them, to create them starting from an idea. This allowed her to start her own project, Feelosophically, which starts from the concept of beauty, the inner one, the real one. That kind of beauty that not only appears, but above all shines through; which is perceived by the safety, by the self-realization, by the certainty of wearing something unique.

The distinctive feature of Feelosophically arises from this idea of ​​uniqueness: an internal pocket that can be customized with phrases, drawings, thoughts. This is to remind us that there is no more dazzling beauty than that created especially for us.