When the time comes to choose your wedding dress, the first things I ask you are:

how do you want to feel that day?

How do you imagine?

Where will the wedding be?

Do you like dancing?

Can you imagine going wild all night or are you a more reserved type?

Which part of your body would you like to enhance?

Take each feeling into account and try to put it into words: it will help you know what you want.

My role as a stylist is just to find out, because the perfect dress for you already exists and is inside your heart.

I will take care of designing a dress especially for you, taking into account the characteristics of your figure, the theme of the event, your wishes and your budget.

It works like this:

1. Email me afeelosophically@gmail.com. I will send you a form to fill out with some questions, which will help me get to know you and understand your wishes.

2. We make an appointment in the atelier or via Skype (if you live far away and can’t come in person), in which we can learn more about the answers you wrote in the form.

3. I design a dress pattern exclusively for you and make all the necessary changes to make it the dress of your dreams.

4. If you live in another city, I will explain how to correctly measure your body, so that I can create the perfect dress, modeled on you.

5. Once all the details have been worked out, you can come and do the last rehearsals in the atelier or I will send you the dress directly where it suits you best.

If there is something wrong, don’t worry: you can always send it back at our expense, so we can make the necessary corrections.

Now you are ready to be the bride you dreamed of.